Veterinarians share insights into their work and pet ownership.
Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative seeks to provide shelter to young adults.
Edina honors these furry crime-fighters with a memorial sculpture by lifetime Edina resident Michelle Recke.
Om Jahagirdar founded Omnisight, an international charity that aims to provide vision screenings and eyeglasses to people around the world.
“Redeeming Christmas: Changing up Christmas To Change Lives.” The goal was to supply as much equipment as possible for a newly constructed dental clinic at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya. The response was overwhelming.
Sylvie Saxton created "Fabulous Provider," a detailed guide and website with advice for those who run or wish to start a day care business
Lauren Morse-Wendt received the 2017 Chrysanne Manoles Women in Leadership Award
University of Minnesota researcher and Edina resident, Lauren Martin, strives to protect a vulnerable population.
Mom's Group makes it easy to keep up with friends