Edina Experts Can Help You Loosen Up

If the expression “Just relax” stresses you out, there’s help. Trained professionals in Edina provide both the most current and the more traditional relaxation services, with results that last long after your appointment.

Facials and Massages

While facials may not be the first service that comes to mind when you think “time to unwind,” it’s time to reconsider. I book appointments with MJ Harden, an experienced esthetician at Spalon Montage, for the de-stressing as much as the de-clogging of my pores. “A facial is a sensory journey of smells, textures and touch,” Harden says. “Many clients are surprised that having your face cleansed can feel so good. The white noise of the steam, the gentle heat of the vapors, the light massage on the face, hands, and feet—the whole process is incredibly relaxing.” I would add that talking to someone openly about your skin care questions and concerns is also a stress relief, as is being away from the smartphone for an hour.

All services at Spalon Montage include a stress-relief component. Hair services include a scalp massage. Manicures and pedicures also include massage. The full-body massages offered at Spalon Montage are also excellent. Spalon Montage offers add-on treatments to one-hour massages, such as 15 minutes on the scalp and an extra 15 minutes to relieve sinus pressure. Clients can pick two from several add-on treatments for $45.

As a writer and blogger, I spend unhealthy amounts of time at a computer. My neck, back and forearms ache from overuse. I get regular massages at Elements Massage in Edina, where the therapist focuses on my back and neck only. I always leave with knots loosened and my whole body relaxed. Request Nathan or Amy Szymanksi for a strong touch on deep tissue problems.

Acupuncture and Cupping

A treatment known as cupping was much discussed during the Rio Olympics. So I decided to try a session at Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Center in Edina, where I could also learn about other new-to-me treatments such as Tui Na, Qi Gong, and Moxibustion. The center was founded by Dr. Xiaoyan Hu in 1999.

Practitioner Kim Doyle suggested I try acupuncture with cupping during the same appointment since the treatments work well together. People often visit this practice for medical reasons ranging from headaches, jaw tension, fatigue, stress, and pain. They then discover the side effect: relaxation. Initial interviews with new clients take about 20 minutes, as the practitioner gets to know you, how you’re feeling and what brought you in. We talked about my sleep and digestive patterns and more, allowing me to understand the mind, body and spirit connection central to Chinese medicine. “Clients may start with regular visits,” Doyle says, “then taper off to a maintenance schedule.” There is no extra charge for cupping as part of an acupuncture treatment, and most major insurance plans are accepted.

What is cupping? It's described as “the use of glass cups to create a vacuum in order to create warmth and stimulate circulation.” The red marks noticeable on the athletes in Rio are from one form of cupping. Doyle offered that traditional treatment, but suggested “sliding cupping” for a first visit, which uses oil on the back and sliding of the cup up and down the skin. After sitting in a tranquil room with needles on pressure points for 25 minutes then feeling the glass cups slide up and down my skin, I was relaxed for days afterward.