Food & Drink

This neighborhood restaurant has undergone updates and name changes over the years. But the local ownership and dedication of its loyal customers has gone unchanged for four decades. Here’s to a family favorite destination in Edina.

Tea is making a comeback with modern enhancements, at the Westin’s Prelude Bar & Lounge. The menu varies with the season but expertly sourced teas from Rishi and true Brit scones are cornerstones. Finger food sets a leisurely pace for eating. There’s time to ponder and be pampered.

Food writer Terri Peterson in Edina Magazine

Curiosity makes the food and travel writer. Edina resident Terri Peterson Smith loves exploring new cuisines and culture. Interminable passion leads her to destinations worldwide but great finds are close to home too.

A new look with familiar favorites at Q. Cumbers

Q. Cumbers is one of the few remaining American-style buffet restaurants in the Midwest.

Various food items at the Red River Kitchen

The recent addition of Red River Kitchen at Braemar makes this golf course a year-round foodie destination.

Taylor Ellingson eats brownies with her child.

Local food blogger Taylor Ellingson lives a healthy lifestyle but also loves a daily does of chocolate.

A pie from Patisserie Margo.

Whet your autumn appetite with seasonal treats from Patisserie Margo.


It’s time to expand your garden and your dinner plate, because tomatillos are in and these little fruits are packed full of flavor. And no, tomatillos are not “baby” tomatoes. They are an entirely different fruit and bring an entirely different flavor to the plate.

Greek salad, featuring tabbouleh.

While it may not look like what we know as a traditional salad, this flavorful dish combines all the classic Mediterranean tastes into one delicious meal.

The upcoming holidays are peak season for company parties, club meetings and get-togethers with friends.