In the May issue of Edina Magazine, you'll learn all about Edina's youth juggling company, find tips to help your teen find the perfect summer job and expert advice on planning a wedding fit for a royal.

In the April issue of Edina Magazine, you'll learn all about how Cedars of Edina underwent a huge (and rewarding) landscape renovation, find a guide to some of our favorite gifts in Edina shops and learn how a local woman is helping others deal with divorce.

Edina Magazine's March 2014 issue has arrived! Read about the barbecue ambassador named Famous Dave Anderson, how the community is giving back to Haiti, and how Edinans are making wine on the West Coast. 

In the February issue of Edina Magazine, you'll meet two Edina natives who have started their own Midwestern fashion line, the Great Lakes Collection. You'll get to know Laine Sou Weinberg of Kokoon, who's celebrating 25 years in the fashion industry, and sample some of Edina's decadent desserts and delights in our Restaurants section. Plus, we check in with two locals who are headed to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In the January issue of Edina Magazine, you'll meet three Edina families who chose to adopt children from other parts of the world - a decision they say has expanded their cultural horizons. You'll also learn about luxury senior living facilities in Edina and the history of the Edina Police Department, among many other topics. Pick up a copy today!

The December issue of Edina Magazine features a guide to the latest dining trend in Edina, global small-bite cuisine! We also profile local superhero volunteer Dan Arom, who's leading a double life serving his community. We've also featured Edina's philanthropy leaders to discuss what fuels Edina's spirit of generosity.You'll also learn about local language immerson programs, a nonprofit working to help homeless teens in Edina, and Colonial Church's project to fight food insecurity.