January 2018 Edina Magazine

Wellness is about more than physical fitness. It’s also about proximity to excellent healthcare options and access to healthy food and quality education. That said, Edina is well. Plus, don't miss our interview with American Ninja Warrior contestant, Sarah Shoback!

Each year the hospital honors 16 students from eight area schools, including Edina High School, with its Fairview Southdale Medical Staff Scholarship.
Edina community members recommend books to read, wines to sip, and ways to care for your pets
The new Edina Library is a beautiful, updated space for all to enjoy.
Wellness 65 is a new health concept in Edina that combines internal medicine, personal training and a medical spa.
Amenities will include spa services, a proactive care clinic, a café, rooftop pools and more.
This year the Taste of the NFL, or “party with a purpose” as it’s often called, comes home to the RiverCentre in St. Paul.
For Miranda Morton, education truly is a family business and a passion.
With six spirits available already, and more on the way, the new company is decidedly multicultural, with one foot in yesterday and one in modern culture.
Sarah Schoback overcomes obstacles to create a community of ninja warriors.
Some talented local designers offer their takes on how to achieve the perfect fireplace design
Edina seeks to become a medical destination.
Edina Galleria expands with new local and national brands.
Edina Public schools (EPS) recently integrated its Early Childhood Family Education and Early Childhood Special Education departments to form the Early Learning Center (ELC)
B-Dubs Express has a lineup with crowd appeal—sure to satisfy Super Bowl fans.
Edina's Lisa Rose is a three-time Images of Edina award-winning photographer, actress, and teacher.
Why not get off to a good start with granola?
Edina celebrates winter with a festival