October 2016 Edina Magazine

Edina Art Center creates a cookbook featuring handmade pottery.
A culinary experience of Edina.
Seasonal dishes available at the Galleria in Edina.
Behind the Scenes of Lou Nanne’s rookie-year success.
A behind-the-scenes look at a sweet paradise.
Former food-truck operator secures restaurant space in Edina.
Recipes for dishes to bring and share.
Gather an autumn harvest at your local grocer.
Specially designed storage rooms enhance enjoyment of wine.
Edina woman is passionate about helping kids in the community.
Local writer re-publishes a favorite childhood book.
Local church wraps up a renovation project.
The Westin Edina Galleria hosts a running group for guests and Edina residents.
Edina resident helps special-needs students go to college.
Candidates for District 49A give us some food for thought.