Giving Back

Edina High School Mentoring Program Finds New Opportunity Closer to Home

Emma Anderson and Celia Orth of Aspire Mentoring, a tutoring program at Edina High School

Community volunteerism oftentimes changes lives for the better, especially when the focus is on children in need. For Edina High School’s Aspire Mentoring program, the focus is the same even if the location has been temporarily altered. Aspire Mentoring is a student-led club that tutors academically at-risk inner-city students on a weekly basis between the months of October and March.

"I'm Proud of Where I Come From": Edina Athletic Hall of Famer Gives Back

Edina Athletic Hall of Famer Ty Farley

On September 20, Ty Farley was inducted into the Edina Athletic Hall of Fame. But Farley’s life story tells us more about resilience and fortitude than can be measured by athletic achievement. Ty Farley of Edina was adopted in 1969 by Harrison and Marie Farley when he was just 18 months old. He would become the couple’s sixth child. As the only child of color in an all-white family, the Farleys knew they’d need strength to guide their son through the challenges that would be ahead.

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