Adjust Your Focus: Award Winning Photo Tells a Larger Story

Baltimore Orioles on Lake Edina.

At first Glance, this 2016 Images of Edina award-winning photograph is a great capture of nature in springtime. But the photo and photographer William Webb reveal much more about life. Many know Webb from his years as an Edina High School band director.
In 2015, an unexpected medication side effect left him unable to walk. “It’s as if my whole neurological system were struck by lightning,” Webb says. Between doctor visits, medical tests and therapy appointments Webb chose to focus more intensely on his photography—a welcome distraction and creative outlet.

Webb lives on Lake Edina. Once when he took a photo of a deer walking across his backyard, he realized he’d been missing a ton of beauty right outside his window. Now in a wheelchair, Webb’s access to this natural wonderland is limited. So he invested in a telephoto lens and moved his desk near a window overlooking the lake. The tree and birds in this shot are near Webb’s house. “I can see birds all of the time… It’s all right here,”he says. “I like the composition [of this photo]...there is action, and right where the action is, the coloring behind it is right. It just happened that way.”

So much in life seems to “just happen,” which make Webb’s outlook and photography such an inspiration—this picture shows us that something beautiful is likely within sight if we’re willing to adjust our focus.