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If his tail could wag, it would! Spaulding, the bronze dog sculpture in front of Salut Bar Américain, is officially a resident of Edina.

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In the 1950s, garden clubs sprouted up throughout Edina like tulips in the spring. Housewives moving to the booming suburb looked for ways to grow flowers in their new backyards and form friendships with their new neighbors. They found both in neighborhood garden clubs.

The steel horse awaits you. Kristen Piersa Kregel’s Number Seven, a life-size steel horse made from real horseshoes, won first place in the 2013 People’s Choice Awards of the Edina Public Art Sculpture Exhibit.

Nominated for two regional Emmy awards in 2013, Edina Community Channel 16 is ramping up for another exciting year. Video production coordinator Scott Denfeld says efforts will be focused on Enterprise Edina, a show that highlights local businesses and what they offer to Edina.

Susan Stiles is the president and founder of Stiles Financial Services, Inc. in Edina, where she also lives. We spoke with her to learn a little bit about her life outside the office.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

Edina resident Erica Hacker shot this photo of her 2-year-old son, Jackson. He had fallen asleep in the car after playing all morning at Edinborough Park. Hacker was inspired to take the picture to capture this fleeting stage of toddler-hood.

Last summer, Abdo Eick & Meyers celebrated its 50th anniversary as a certified public accountant firm. The company, founded in Mankato in 1963, moved to Edina in 2002.

Kendall Zilka

The Fox Sports North Girls competition gives Minnesota girls who double as sports fanatics a chance to exercise their interview and broadcast skills while vying to become the next Fox Sports North Girls.