Dribbling to a Bully-Free Zone

Harlem Globetrotters counsel elementary school students.

Appropriately named the Ambassadors of Goodwill, the Harlem Globetrotters are stepping off the basketball court and into elementary school gymnasiums around the nation to deliver a community outreach program called “The ABCs of Bullying Prevention.” In coordination with the National Campaign to Stop Violence, the program’s message to children ages 6 to 14 emphasizes action, bravery and compassion, the ABCs of the title.

Globetrotter guard Anthony “Buckets” Blake, who helps lead the program, uses basketball tricks combined with the ABCs to create a balanced program that both informs and entertains. Though Buckets’ tricks were pretty cool, the real takeaway was eloquently expressed by Valley Creek Elementary fifth-grader John Santrizos: “You are you, you have your own talents, and you do not have to listen to that bully.” 


The Harlem Globetrotters will again visit the Twin Cities April 12 and 13 at Target Center.