Edina Residents Can Name Their Neighborhood

A city project wants you to “name your neighborhood.”

The maps are drawn, the neighborhood boundaries have been suggested, and now it’s time for public input. Edina residents interested in the City’s “Name Your Neighborhood” project are encouraged to attend a public meeting Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Edina Senior Center. Comment where community feedback will be sought.

Led by a steering committee of 11 resident volunteers, the initiative to delineate individual neighborhoods within Edina is an effort to beautify and strengthen communities and enhance civic engagement between neighbors, and between citizens and City Hall, says city communications and technology services director Jennifer Bennerotte. For example, Morningside boasts its own identity and unofficial borders; the Country Club district is also organized. Bennerotte believes that other neighborhoods will increase civic participation once they follow suit.