Be Healthy! explores how to balance all aspects of life

Healthy! takes on the tricky balancing act of womanhood

Between work, carpooling kids and the general chaos of everyday life, it can be difficult to remember to take a breath, let alone factor in personal time. “Be Healthy! A Smart Series for Women” tackled the balancing act between those tasks at the August event, “Balance for the sandwich generation.”

Held at the Crave in the Galleria, the event featured a presentation by psychologist Mark Zipper, who offered a humorous take on managing the stress that women shoulder while providing care to their children, partners and aging parents.

During his presentation (which highly encouraged interruptions from the audience), Zipper stressed the importance of identifying goals, making decisions that support those goals and remembering that happiness is a moving target. For example, to spend more quality time with family, he encouraged limiting the workday to eight hours and spending those extra hours hanging out together at Centennial Lakes Park. Up next for the series is an event October 25 that focuses on cancer and integrative health therapies.