Gluten-free, Tastes Great

: Edina couple provide delicious and affordable gluten-free solutions nationwide

David Madison watched his frustrated mom, who has celiac disease, struggle to find a gluten-free baking mix that was affordable and good quality. So the 18-year veteran of Pillsbury and General Mills’ Bakery Food Service division, together with his wife, jumped on the opportunity to buy Domata, a gluten-free baking products company offering recipe-ready, seasoned flour and pizza crust mix to the retail and wholesale market. Madison’s mom sampled Domata’s recipes and gave them two thumbs-up.

Edina residents Madison and his wife Julie purchased Domata last September and their business is surging. The company, which blends all mixes at its production facility in Kentucky, serves 30 retail locations in Minnesota, including five in the Twin Cities, and approximately 400 nationwide. Within two years, Domata hopes to be in 3,000 stores.

“The demand for gluten-free products has risen dramatically and the market just hasn’t kept up,” says Julie Madison. “Many of the gluten-free items currently offered are quite expensive and simply don’t taste good.” Domata could help change that, and gluten-free diners everywhere will likely cheer.