Hadley Table Placemats

Have a properly dressed table this season, thanks to Hadley Table placemats.

You make the meal, let Hadley Table placemats make the table.

That’s the motto behind Hadley Table placemats, created by Edina mother of five Lockie Maruksen. Her entertaining didn’t always come with such ease, though. The idea for the line sprung out of necessity when Maruksen was desperate for durable placemats as her old collection reached expiration. She owned a hardboard set, but wanted something functional—and stylish—that wouldn’t deteriorate with frequent use. “I wanted to make something that people could throw on the table and have it look instantly polished,” she explains.

Your grandmother’s placemats, these certainly aren’t. The mats are durable, kid-friendly, heat-resistant, and made from traditional English hardboard with a cork backing to protect furniture. For patterns, Maruksen looked around her own home (gaining inspiration from prints from items like Chinese vases and Honduran fabrics) and also enlisted the help of various artists. The resulting collection features vibrant prints and charming characters, which can add a quick pop to every entertainer’s table.


Hadley Table is featured at Five Swans in Wayzata, fiveswans.com. Online ordering is available at hadleytable.com.