Style Your Pants Up

An Edina mom invents the LivyBelt Waistband for children.
Tonya Beck originally designed the LivyBelt to hold up the pants of her girls: now the fabric bands are holding up the bottoms of children accross Edina and beyond.

With all the activity that children do every day, it’s a wonder that it has taken so long for someone to create an accessory tailored to keep children’s pants on their waists rather than around their knees. Where flair meets function, the LivyBelt was created.

Resembling a large band, LivyBelts provide a snug, comfortable fit at the waist of jeans and skirts, without the hassle of beefy buckles and clunky clasps. “We had a problem in our house of getting skirts and pants to fit just right,” says Tonya Beck, inventor of the LivyBelt and mother of three. “Either we had the high-waters or we were swimming at the waist. We got inspired to solve the problem … ta da! The LivyBelt waistband was born.”

Olive&nell, Beck’s online retail store providing functional fashion for kids, offers the LivyBelt in three styles: Lexi, Lizzy and Lila, available in eight playful patterns that she and her two daughters created together. One size fits most 14- to 25-inch waists. Prices range from $16 to $18, depending on styles. Look for the LivyBelt’s spring and summer line coming to this spring. Ten percent of all proceeds from the LivyBelt are donated to a children’s charity.