Edina Robots Fight Pirates

An Edina company inks a deal with the military to fight maritime piracy with robots.
Recon Robotics CEO Alan Bignall with the Recon Scout Throwbot, a reconnaissance robot that will fight help maritime piracy.

As the world struggles to find a solution to the continuing problem of maritime piracy, one Edina company has joined the fight. ReconRobotics, which is currently the world leader in tactical micro-robot systems, supplies more than 1,400 different robotic platforms to police SWAT teams, the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps. And now it has signed a deal to jointly develop a Recon Scout Throwbot reconnaissance robot with magnetized wheels that will, among other things, enable the robot to climb up and over the hull of a ship.

ReconRobotics recently unveiled the initial concept of this one-pound micro-robot and its novel marsupial-robot delivery system at the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference in Orlando.

“We believe that this micro-robot platform could help mitigate maritime piracy threats and protect the lives of naval personnel and anti-piracy teams,” says Alan Bignall, president and CEO of ReconRobotics.