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Education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. They’ll spend most of their first 18 years learning. So, a parent’s choice of educator is important.

With the arrival of spring, everyone is antsy to get outdoors. Even those cool rains seem tempting when compared to the icy winds and snow of winter. And sometimes running in the rain is just too good to pass up.


How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Art of Edina launched in 2015 as an initiative aimed at giving rising and established Edina artists public space to display their art.

One never knows what can be found inside a box of cereal. Mini cartoon characters. Parachuting army men. Silly stickers. Max Peichel, 16, of Edina found something truly valuable—a passion for racing cars.

For 13 years Samantha Grose has spent her days building and remodeling other people’s dream homes as principal designer at JP & Co.

After returning to literary aspirations that had been placed on the proverbial backburner, crime writer Jessica Ellis Laine is about to reach a new milestone: her first completed novel.

From school plays at Normandale Elementary in Edina to the big stage, actor Kit Treece has come a long way. “Edina community arts is definitely where I started to fall in love with the theater,” Treece says.