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Every closet, cupboard and drawer—emptied, wiped clean and reorganized. Blankets, curtains, pillows and rugs—washed and aired. Clothing, toys and whatnots—sorted into donate, save and toss. And so the ritual goes—spring cleaning.

For many young people in college, choosing a career and a path in life is a task that is intimidating and can take a long time to figure out. Changing tracks is common and when there is no blueprint for your aspirations, a little self-delusion goes a long way.

Sometimes it all starts with a post. A way to connect with a loved one, amplified. For individuals or families on a journey toward healing or loved ones wanting to follow along during a healthcare crisis, CaringBridge has been on a mission to provide an outlet online.

It’s said all good things come to an end. While endings can sometimes be sad, in the case of Edina High School choir director David Henderson, one ending has simply led to another beginning.


National Poetry Month, Selected Poets

How are you celebrating National Poetry Month? Ben Lee suggests you write some poetry. Ben is a 17-year-old junior at The Blake School and he was named a National Student Poet.

Most who live in the city appreciate the convenience of being close to restaurants and shopping but also desire a taste of nature. The lakes of Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs provide much natural beauty.

After trying track and field in middle school, Levi Severson never stopped running. He continued the sport in high school and participated in cross-country along with track and field during his entire college career at the University of St. Thomas.

Power and grace—these are two words seemingly at odds. While some might not consider the importance of the two together as a form of artistic expression, they are skills essential to dance. For Edina ballet dancer Maya Giron, it is something she loves to embody and perfect.

Edina residents recognize the Edina Art Center as the house on the edge of Lake Cornelia, sandwiched between a trail and an interstate, on the west side of the lake. Though, inside this house-turned-art-center, artists find a home for their creativity and place to showcase their work.