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Edina held its third-annual film festival November 7-9 at the Landmark Edina Cinema. All photos by Andreasen Photography.

A summertime stroll through a park or along a forested trail relaxes the body and renews the mind. But getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a luxury many city dwellers only experience on vacation or during a weekend getaway.

When Jim Rubin returned from his morning jog a number of years ago, the first thing he told his wife Laura was, “I just noticed that my all-time favorite house in Edina is for sale!” And he suggested they take a look at it.

Claire Little, a junior at Edina High School, didn’t like to read. That is, until she joined the Breakfast Book Club at school this year. “The Breakfast Book Club got me more pumped about reading. I really like reading now,” Little says.

On November 1, 2013, Edina High School was presented with a $16,000 grant from the Japan Foundation to cover the cost of a Japanese language teacher for one year.

In April, the gardener dreams of what the summer will bring. Emily Tepe’s lovely book, The Edible Landscape: Creating a Beautiful and Bountiful Garden with Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers, is the guidebook for those dreams.

When fifth-grader Rebecca Ohaeri ran out of books she wanted to read, she started to write her own story. Now a senior at Edina High School, Ohaeri has one self-published novel under her belt, and a trilogy underway.

The Edina Historical Society sponsored an extensive historic homes tour in September. Take a look inside some of Edina's most stately residences. All photos by Dianne Plunkett Latham, Dan Latham and Marci Matson.

Alec McFarlane one of several Edina students to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout before graduation.

Exploration. Achievement. The great outdoors. Many young fifth-graders, fresh out of Cub Scouts, find appeal in joining the Boy Scouts. Full of adventure and new friendships, scouting promises a world of self-discovery. Yet only 4 percent reach the Eagle Scout ranking—the highest honor. 

Edina actress Caroline Bercaw in a scene from "To Say Goodbye".
It was raining the day Sadie Martin and her sister Lauren kissed their mom goodbye one last time.