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Santa and Albert at Bachman's

Santa and Albert Holiday Play Returns to Bachman's. Head elf Albert is looking for an assistant; can you help Santa and Albert?

Edina High School (EHS) is starting off the school year by welcoming back, Troy Stein, this time as the new assistant principal and activities director.Stein began his high school teaching career at EHS in 1998, but left to teach at Chaska High School in 2004, and served as the assistant princip

As summer metamorphoses into radiant autumn and paints nature’s canvas, this is the perfect month to appreciate art.

Some kids struggle to find their way, but Alex Conrad, an eighth grader at Valley View Middle School, knows exactly where he is all the time. That’s because Alex has a mind for maps and geography.

A sister duo from Edina, known as Chasing Lovely, may just shatter conventional images of Nashville country music makers. Taylor and Chloe Turner ventured to Nashville in 2010 to make their mark on the country music scene.

There is something thrilling about seeing the inside of other people’s houses. As a young trick-or-treater I yearned to be invited into the foyer in order to crane my neck and imagine the family’s world within, each residence a culture unto itself.

If sitting inside a dark movie theater seems like a waste of a gorgeous summer evening to you, then head to Centennial Lakes Park, where you can bring your own picnic, buy popcorn from the concession stand, spread out the blanket and watch great films on the big screen.

Whether trying to get into the college of one’s choice or land a well-paying job after college, in today’s tough economy the competition one faces in order to achieve those goals is tough.

Three-year-old Harper Christopherson from Edina was born deaf; hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects in America. But technological advances are allowing some children with profound hearing loss to perceive sound.

Abbey Taylor, a 6-year-old Edina native, died in 2008 as a result of a faulty pool drain. But before she passed away, she said, “I hope this never happens to another child,” according to Alan Korn, executive director of Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation.

Jerry’s Foods is a beloved local institution, and the community lost an icon when the founder, Edina resident Jerry Paulsen, died in April at age 89.