A sculptural memorial reminds those who can remember and teaches those who can’t. So when you’re walking around Centennial Lakes and find a girl and a boy frozen in time, you might merely appreciate their childlike wonder or, if you grew up in the 1950s, you might look more carefully.

For just over a decade, the Gryphon Press has provided what it calls “a voice for the voiceless” by offering children thoughtfully illustrated books which highlight the human-animal connection while fostering empathy in young readers for other living beings.

While on your next spring stroll, be sure to pause and admire the public art on display in Edina. An especially eye-catching piece is a sculpture called “Bonded Souls” located near the fountain at 50th and France.

Iron sculptures by artist Jim Dehne are proving quite popular in Edina. After winning Public Art Edina people’s choice award for “Three Dancing Sandhill Cranes”—purchased by the city in 2015 and currently located in the new water feature on the Promenade—Dehne’s work won again in 2016.


Be Frank With Me

Before Judith Guest’s first novel, Ordinary People, was published in 1976, she got a call at her Edina home from her editor at Viking Publishing. Robert Redford was interested in turning Ordinary People into a movie.

Bob Rorke’s photography was recently on display at Richardson Nature Center. He and his wife live in Edina and often walk through the Richardson Nature Center in the evening or early morning. His 14 nature images were taken at the center and spotlight the beauty of the area.

Even if you haven’t visited the Fairview Southdale Emergency Department lately (thank goodness), anyone who’s driven past the hospital on Highway 62 knows a major addition and renovation has occurred.

As a singer-songwriter back in high school, Greta Melcher always held onto her used guitar strings. “Jewelry seemed like the natural next step in the strings’ life cycle,” says Melcher.

Edina native Johnny Lewis will have a new album released this month. Now living in New York City, Lewis has been working in the entertainment industry for quite some time. He initially worked in electronic producing in Colorado but later decided to take a look back at his roots.