Hollie Blanchard and Kelly Netishen, the Art Girls curation service

The Art Girls are constantly on the hunt for small unknown galleries and undiscovered artists they can bring into the spaces of their clients.

Fourth of July celebration fans may remember The 1st John Philip Sousa Memorial Band from their annual performance at Rosland park, but the band’s rich history dates back to 1970, when director Scott Crosbie graduate

They were just kids the first time they played instruments in the same city, but their passion for everything music continued for four Edina natives into their adult lives—eventually leading to the creation of their rock ’n’ roll band Medium Rustic.

If you have driven around the traffic circles on 70th Street toward Target and the Galleria, you may have caught a glimpse of statutes on the Edina Promenade from your car window. Or perhaps you’ve seen those utility boxes around town wrapped with art. Have you ever wondered, “What is it?

Prairiewood Guitars

In a nondescript Edina workshop in a quiet neighborhood, Robert Dixon builds custom electric guitars.

Edina Public Art installs 10 new pieces of artwork each year. These pieces replace departing artwork in a rotating series of exhibits in three different Edina locations—Promenade, 50th and France, and Grandview Square.

This month, the Edina Thespians will perform the Tony award-winning musical, In the Heights. This musical, by famed Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, takes place in the Washington Heights neighborhood of  New York City.

A sculptural memorial reminds those who can remember and teaches those who can’t. So when you’re walking around Centennial Lakes and find a girl and a boy frozen in time, you might merely appreciate their childlike wonder or, if you grew up in the 1950s, you might look more carefully.

For just over a decade, the Gryphon Press has provided what it calls “a voice for the voiceless” by offering children thoughtfully illustrated books which highlight the human-animal connection while fostering empathy in young readers for other living beings.

While on your next spring stroll, be sure to pause and admire the public art on display in Edina. An especially eye-catching piece is a sculpture called “Bonded Souls” located near the fountain at 50th and France.