August Read, Drink, Listen

The monthly must-haves.


The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money by Ron Lieber is a book to read as summer ends and the expenses of school begin. Lieber, who writes the “Your Money” column for the The New York Times, takes on a topic many parents find daunting. In a straightforward and conversational tone, Lieber tells parents about how to answer the questions children have about money in a way that is both educational and helpful. He strips the topic of magic and mystery so that kids can understand it in a concrete way—and so can parents.
Available at Barnes and Noble.

-Maureen Millea Smith is a librarian at the Edina Library and a Minnesota Book Award-winning novelist.


Rosé is the perfect point for red- and white-wine lovers to meet. Rosé takes its color, bouquet and mouth-feel from the Pinot Noir grape. Grenache and Cinsault produce lightly colored pinks that drink with bright, cheery notes of watermelon, citrus and cherry. A Cabernet rosé can be plump and juicy with notes of savory spice and plum. No matter your style, rosé is basically just a lighter version of the grape varietal listed on the label. Try Chateau Beaubois ‘Cuvée Expression’ Rosé from Costières de Nîmes, France. It’s bright with notes of fresh cherry pit, green mint leaf and yellow watermelon pulp. It’s refreshing and savory all at once. A perfect combo for those wanting to meet in the middle over a darn good glass of wine.
Available at France 44.

-Leslee Miller is a certified sommelier and owner of local wine consulting firm, Amusee.


There’s a new CD from smooth jazz group Sax Pack, featuring saxophonists Kim Waters, Jeff Kashiwa and Steve Cole. The group’s name came about after Kashiwa saw the movie The Rat Pack and, in 2004, invited Waters and Cole to join him. This album, called Power Of 3, is comprised of all originally written and recorded music. A couple of my favorites are “When Morning Comes” and “Shine On.” Twin Cities native Ricky Peterson makes a guest appearance playing Hammond organ and supporting the soulful sound. Cole grew up in Chicago but now resides in the Twin Cities. He’s an educator at St. Thomas University and brings his experience as a recording artist and performer to the classroom. Can you imagine how fun that class is?
CD available at, on iTunes and at the website here.

-Patty Peterson is an award-winning vocalist and Jazz 88, KBEM radio host.