Beyond Limits

Edina resident helps special-needs students go to college.
Beyond Limits graduates Kyle Burtman and Andy Iskierka.

Two years ago, a team of individuals came together to help special-needs kids by creating a program called Beyond Limits. Steve Ziemke, program director, thought this would be a beneficial program for college-age individuals who have special needs to have an opportunity to go to a residential college and learn life skills. “I wanted my son to have the college experience, like my daughter, at a faith-based, residential college,” says Ziemke

After teaming up with Bethany Global University, Beyond Limits began with five students, all of whom have received certificates of achievement. Four of the graduates now work in the community. This year, two students are returning to classes and three new students are registered for the two year program. Participants take classes in the morning and work in the afternoon, with the entire student body. The hybrid education style means students take classes that are appropriate for them and afterward they review what they’ve learned with instructors to ensure they understand the material.

In this semi-independent living experience, people with special needs can learn a variety of life skills to help them thrive as they take courses on independent living, are placed in an on-campus job and gain work skills for the future.

Tuition of $20,000 covers the entire school year, room and board, food, and basic living necessities. For more information about the program, please visit the website here.