Batting Cages of Minnesota are a Hit

Take a swing at the Pro Batter Simulator and other baseball and softball practice equipment.

Whap! That’s the sound of a 100-mile-per-hour fastball smacking the rubber backstop at the Batting Cages of Minnesota.

I was standing outside the batter’s box asking myself if I was really going to step in and attempt to hit the next wiz of a pitch coming from the Pro Batter Simulator.

I tightened my grip, tried to recall the modest success I had against the 70 mph offerings and waited. The pitcher wound up on the video screen and the ball zipped out of the hole in the screen.

I swung early, but was still woefully behind. Strike!

Ah well, it was fun nonetheless. The Batting Cages of Minnesota, tucked into a back cul-de-sac in an Edina office park, is a unique opportunity to hone your hitting, fielding and pitching skills.

Mayor Jim Hovland and a number of coaches weigh in on how Batting Cages of Minnesota–and the Pro Batter Simulator as its marquee attraction–will be an asset to the baseball and softball communities.

Take a swing through the story in the July issue of Edina Magazine, available July 1 at Until then, check out the The Batting Cages of Minnesota website or give them a call 952.426.0980 if you have any questions.