Some Teachers Last a Lifetime

Bud and Jinny Jensen go out of their way to confront their role models, and their former students do the same.

Former students will approach Bud and Jinny Jensen and share how influential the former Edina High School teachers were in their lives.

One former student told Jinny at a recent graduation party about how Bud changed his life.

“I thought to myself, ‘40 years and you never told him?’” Jinny recalls.

The Jensens have made a point of communicating their sentiments to role models who have impacted them.

“We always made sure that whenever someone did something that impacted us, we told them before it was too late, and they were gone,” Jinny says.

Jinny and Bud Jensen, now 68 and 70 years old, traveled to Bud’s hometown of Cumberland, Wis., to have lunch with Bud’s fifth-grade teacher, who is now 92.

“She knows and has known for a long time, exactly how much she means to us,” Bud says. “I’ve tried to pass that on. … Take the time to say something.”

Something will be said about the Jensens legacy in the September issue of Edina Magazine, available Sept. 1 at