Let Lilja LifeStories Tell Your Story

Pass down precious family memories.

Because an ordinary life is extraordinary: This is the tagline for Lilja LifeStories, a company founded by Edina resident Mary Lilja to help people tell those extraordinary stories of either their lives or those of a beloved family member.

“In a world that is overly obsessed with celebrity stories, the ones that are truly the most profound are the stories of our own lives,” says Lilja.

The staff at Lilja LifeStories can help clients edit manuscripts they may have written themselves, or can start from scratch, meeting with clients for personal interviews or to look over valuable family documents and compile an entirely unique and personal story into a beautifully designed keepsake book. 

Linda Tedford, vice-president for Lilja LifeStories, frequently meets with seniors who wonder if their stories would ever be meaningful to their children and grandchildren, to which Tedford responds with a resounding “yes.”

“I always try to encourage people not to wait until the end of their lives to do a project like this,” she says. “Value your story now.”

Read more about Lilja LifeStories in the August issue of Edina Magazine, available August 1 at edinamag.com.