Jim Ogg Vies for an Unusual Guinness World Record

Ever heard of the plank position? We'll show you how it's done.

From the tallest man to the fastest time to enter a suitcase or most weight held by nipples, the Guinness Book of World Records seemingly has it all. And that includes an Edina man who is making a run for the record for longest time supporting his body weight in the plank position.

Jim Ogg, a retired architect/former Marine/marathoner, remained in the position for 50 minutes and 8 seconds in October. Guinness Word Records is currently adjudicating Ogg's feat.

Just like the furthest distance to squirt milk out of an eye, planking isn’t an often-tried feat, which makes it all the more unique and newsworthy.

Read about how the 68-year-old stumbled on the exercise and his experience chasing the record in the January issue of Edina Magazine or at edinamag.com starting January 1. Until then, give the plank position a try to see what Ogg endured:

1. Lie down facing the floor.

2. Push off until your forearms and toes are the only points of contact with the floor.

3. Clasp your hands individually.

4. Keep your back flat. Try to remain straight without sagging in or sticking your rear end out.

5. Hold that position for up to a minute or more. Now imagine how you'd feel after 50 minutes.