Edina Football is in the Family

As the Edina Football Association celebrates 50 years of success, a writer recalls a man who played in the 70s.

I know a little bit about Edina football—my husband, David, was part of the team that won the 1978 state championship game against Fridley High School at the old Parade Stadium. He loved football; he still does. 

There is a huge picture of him in his parents’ basement revealing a tired, but exultant David, which was actually the front page of the Edina Sun. I remember looking at this photo after we met and married, and wondered about the guy who was to be my husband. Our kids often ran down to the basement and stared at the photo of this big, brawny guy, who they knew only as their dad.

He played one semester of college ball at Augsburg and had a career-ending injury to his shoulder; surgery came many years later.

But football helped us all look at him a little differently, to see him, just for an instant, and who he was in high school.

Read more about the Edina Football Association’s rich 50-year tradition and see outtakes from our Edina football photo shoot in the August issue of Edina Magazine, available August 1 at edinamag.com.