POSTED Tuesday, April 3

We're looking for someone with a magic eye, creative mind and a vision that goes beyond the enticing images that grace our magazines and websites. Interested in joining our team at Tiger Oak Media? Check out the job description below and send a resume, cover letter with salary requirements and up to three samples of your creative work to Tamara Prato at tamar[email protected] by April 17th. No phone calls, please.


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POSTED Wednesday, March 28

It’s always exciting to spot that first robin in the backyard or see tender daffodil shoots peeking out of the brown dirt. There may be no Minnesota season that is more welcome than spring time, when we shake off those gray days and put away that down jacket for a few months. If you’re looking for ways to boost your five senses as we greet this new season, we have ideas ranging from bountiful bouquets of tulips to beautiful music to the delicious taste of asparagus, artichokes and morel mushrooms.

POSTED Tuesday, March 27

A fortune cookie recently told me: The greatest risk is not taking a risk.

More than 100 graduates of Edina’s A Better Chance program can attest to that.

They took advantage of the non-profit organization’s ability to provide them with an opportunity to leave their economically-challenged urban school districts for an education in Edina schools.

POSTED Monday, March 26

Parties, it seems, have come a long way. I recall birthday parties of my youth consisting of gloppy sloppy joes, potato chips (off-brand, of course, because we could never afford the much-coveted, Old Dutch), a boxed cake my mom made with yummy chocolate frosting (that invariably had finger marks of one or more of us seven kids because it was just too dang long to wait until the actual cake-cutting time), and pitchers of lukewarm grape Kool-Aid (ice was also a coveted item).

POSTED Tuesday, February 28

Talk about a mid-life career change. After several years working as a newspaper and radio journalist—including a stint as a stay-at-home dad to three young daughters with film-inspired names (Lara, Maria and Sophia) while his wife Julie finished medical school—Edina resident Steve Boman was in his late 30s when he decided to follow his passion and apply to the prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

POSTED Tuesday, February 21


My son began his foray into theater when he was in the sixth grade – the first one being A Child’s Day in Rome. The production proved to be extremely memorable because my son, who had spent years participating in baseball, hockey, football and soccer and never once revealed any, what I like to call, “fire in the belly” for a single one of them, showed some preternatural acting chops when he wound up “feeding the lines” to his rather shell-shocked co-lead.

POSTED Monday, February 20

Edina Magazine will uncover one of its biggest – and best – secrets in our March issue.

But those in the know rave about it; and they want to let you in on it.

“It” is Come Home 2 Edina, a second mortgage program from the East Edina Housing Foundation that provides loans of up to $60,000 to qualifying, moderate-income families and individuals wanting to purchase a place in the city. 

POSTED Friday, January 27

As a former athlete, I hold few professions in higher esteem than a good coach.

Sure, doctors, scientists, humanitarians and countless others are vital to society, but a good coach often stands behind those professionals.

Art Downey, Edina’s boys swimming coach for the last 56 years, stands behind thousands of successful men.

With 19 conference championships, 14 sections crowns and 10 state titles, his resume is stacked with winning. But as former and current players say, Downey is the same coach to the slowest swimmers as he is to the fastest ones.

POSTED Thursday, December 29

I’ve never felt honored to write something until this story on four Edina servicemen: Sean Anderson, Josh Krieter, Dave Westgard and Robb Bauleke.

They are remarkable men who are willing to give up a normal life to put themselves in peril for our freedom.

“It’s just a great sense of awe of them,” Chris Bauleke says of her two sons, Robb and Peter, who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I’ve watched them go to schools where they were really challenged. They just worked their tails off. As a parent, you think, ‘boy did I have that work ethic when I was that young?’”

POSTED Tuesday, December 27

In a lovely twist of fate, Wooj Byun recently bumped into the people who were responsible for giving him a $23,800 Ambassadorial Scholarship two decades ago…he bumped into them at a Rotary event, as Rotary Club of Edina president! They had dinner. They reminisced. They talked about the path that had altered the course of young Wooj’s life. And, all grown up, Wooj thanked them for a scholarship that led him on a journey from Pusan, South Korea to study law at the University of Minnesota.