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February Editor's Note

This month, in a bit of a change-up from traditional February storylines centered on romantic love, all candy hearts and cupid arrows, we’ve got a heart-warming batch of stories related to kids and family. Stories for parents about support groups and baby toys and stories written about high school and college kids who will astonish you with their giftedness. There’s also a fashion spread as well as tips and recipes for hosting a super game day party. Read more about February Editor's Note

How Hockey Can Help Save Lives

Edina youth hockey player, Quinn Kirsch was only 8 years old when he passed away suddenly on January 7, 2013 from Myocarditis, a disease marked by inflammation of the heart muscle. But locals have found a way to turn this devastating loss into a joy-filled fundraising event aimed at saving lives through funding research of the Myocarditis Foundation. Read more about How Hockey Can Help Save Lives

How Edina Lights Shine

I have always enjoyed sports. Not necessarily playing them because I’m not particularly athletic and mostly prefer to participate in activities where I’m unlikely to be injured, like reading. But I love watching sports and I’m often amazed by the abilities of athletes who perform seemingly miraculous feats of endurance, strength, speed and agility. It is not lost on me how much effort goes into becoming an elite athlete. Read more about How Edina Lights Shine

February Editor's Note

It’s important to regularly and intentionally show love to others. Whether it’s brotherly love, maternal love or romantic love, February reminds us of creative and special ways to show and tell others that they are meaningful to us, that we appreciate them, and that they are loved. Read more about February Editor's Note

Get Fit(ted) for Christmas

Edina is home to many locally owned boutiques. Fashion forward retailers abound with unique items suited to shoppers of every style preference. Some even specialize in making your best fashions look better by providing a base layer customized to your particular body type. I’m talking about lingerie ladies! Read more about Get Fit(ted) for Christmas

Tis the Season

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are often a flurry of activity. I love the celebratory mood and overall specialness and significance of the holiday season. But even the most organized person might find all of December’s entertaining, decorating, gift buying and family get-togethers to be a bit too frenzied. My desire to emphasis some of what’s best about December and help you through some of its challenges inspires much of what’s inside this issue. Also, there are dogs. Read more about Tis the Season

Edina's Heart for Helping Others

One of the special things about this city is its heart for helping others. Countless Edina residents understand the value of giving back and how time spent caring for others strengthens the bonds of family, friendship and community connections. As the holiday season approaches, be inspired by the November issue of Edina Magazine with stories of local residents who routinely donate their time to fundraising efforts like the red kettle campaign for the Salvation Army. Read more about Edina's Heart for Helping Others

Jewelry and Generosity

Shopping in Edina is always a treat. New stores with wonderful and unique selections crop up frequently, making retail exploration in Edina a regular and much-anticipated event. This week, I had the pleasure of peeking in on a launch party for the Forged Carbon Collection at David Yurman, newly located in the Galleria. Read more about Jewelry and Generosity

Living Well in Edina

Be well. This is a both a lifestyle and mantra for many who live in Edina. From bike trails to fitness studios, access to nutritional foods and quality healthcare, Edina has the infrastructure to support a healthy lifestyle. The October issue of Edina Magazine fixes its focus on some of what makes this community such a great location to live well and be well. Read more about Living Well in Edina


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