Between the Pipes

Edina Historical Society aims to score hockey memorabilia for its upcoming Edina Hockey History exhibit.

Some of the great exhibitions at the Edina Historical Society stem from curious museum visitors. Folks drop in to learn more about the community or reminisce, and occasionally ask to see historical artifacts related to specific time periods, events or people. Marci Matson, executive director for the Edina Historical Society noticed many visitors ask about Edina’s historical hockey prowess. Thus came the vision for the museum’s upcoming Edina Hockey History exhibition.

But unlike the Smithsonian and other large museums with vast stores of artifacts, the Edina Historical Society relies on the community to build its exhibitions. So we are asking Edina Magazine readers to help get the word out about collecting Edina hockey memorabilia. Search your closets, basement, garage and trophy shelf for anything Edina hockey related that you would be willing to loan or donate to the historical society. Desired items include state tournament programs, trophies, photos, jerseys, anything associated to Edina’s culture of hockey.

Memorabilia from youth hockey all the way through high school boys and girls hockey as well as information about Edina players who’ve gone pro can help our community celebrate this great local sport. And what makes an historical exhibit especially fun is making it a gathering point for people. Matson says, “If anyone wants to plan a hockey related reunion or event, or organize the community to caravan to a state tournament, the historical society would like to help coordinate alongside your event.

Edina Hockey History premiers at the Edina Historical Society Museum fall/winter 2014. Donated items can be dropped off during museum hours Thursdays 9a.m.-2p.m; Saturdays,10a.m.-noon or by appointment.; email: [email protected]; 612.928.4577