February Editor's Note

It’s important to regularly and intentionally show love to others. Whether it’s brotherly love, maternal love or romantic love, February reminds us of creative and special ways to show and tell others that they are meaningful to us, that we appreciate them, and that they are loved.

As a mother, I’ve done fun and silly things to celebrate love in February. I’ve slipped candy into my children’s lunch boxes on Valentine’s Day and made heart-shaped meatloaf and pink mashed potatoes for dinner. But I also try to be intentional about speaking daily affirmation to my children in between demands that they clean their rooms, do their homework and put their dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

This month, among other topics in this issue, you’ll read about love. You’ll learn about an Edina woman who's directed her passion for design toward building a business specifically geared toward customizing rooms for infants and children. When parents’ hearts swell with love for their children, Bambino Décor offers a great way to show kids they’re special by creating a special place for them in the home.

In another story, you’ll read about teens who show they care about friends with disabilities by providing ice skating lessons through a specially created adaptive program. There’s also a commemorative story about how employees at Jerry’s Foods appreciated the store’s late founder and continue to see his vision at work in stores.

We’ll also take you back to basics with some great date night ideas, gift ideas and an extra special food feature all about cupcakes! Cause who in Edina doesn’t love cake?!