February Editor's Note

This month, in a bit of a change-up from traditional February storylines centered on romantic love, all candy hearts and cupid arrows, we’ve got a heart-warming batch of stories related to kids and family. Stories for parents about support groups and baby toys and stories written about high school and college kids who will astonish you with their giftedness. There’s also a fashion spread as well as tips and recipes for hosting a super game day party. We’ve got so much for you to love in this issue of Edina Magazine.

Meet Madeline Marker, a senior at Edina High School. Marker is the public relations editor for the EHS newspaper, Zephyrus. I reached out to Madeline to gauge her interest in writing a column for this issue. Since Marci Matson, longtime contributor to our Last Glance section stepped down from her position at the Edina Historical society, I’d been searching for fresh ideas to explore on that page. And so, after focusing for years on Edina’s history in our Last Glance section, I thought it might be great to have a student writer share some stories about those who’ll be building Edina’s future. Madeline readily agreed and even suggested her own topic to cover this month–extraordinary high school service groups. Madeline also enjoys playing soccer and is a volunteer at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Center as a soccer coach for people with disabilities. Her hobbies include listening to music and baking. Next year, she plans to attend Carleton College. Edina Magazine welcomes Madeline as a guest contributor to Last Glance. We’re sure you’ll appreciate her efforts as well as all of our other stories that spotlight interesting and inspiring Edina folks.




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