POSTED Wednesday, June 27

Rhubarb is an unassuming addition to the backyard garden. Every year, its stalks might get a little taller and its large green leaves a little more expansive, but it’s not going to invade the rest of your space. It will be right where you left it last year, ready to be sliced, sugared and tossed into muffin batter, maybe alongside its seasonal soul mate, the strawberry. Sigh. 

POSTED Wednesday, May 30

On weekdays, Joe Brandmeier directs dozens of people on the set of video productions. On the weekends, he can be found alone, camped out in front of a bear den.

His wife, Joan Steffand, the former KARE 11 anchor, says Brandmeier will bring the same commitment he has for producing and directing to his camping and focusing on quality photographs during his stakeouts.

POSTED Wednesday, May 23

Antique shops, to me, are wonderful transporters … the way they smell, the way they feel, the way they make me feel; they always bring me back to my youth.

POSTED Tuesday, May 22

Going to the farmers market with food writer Meredith Deeds would be a lot of fun. First of all, she has a wealth of knowledge about the locally-sourced produce, meats and more that you find at your favorite market each week. She never brings a list, simply reveling in what looks good now and what might taste really good later. Her enthusiasm would likely be contagious, so you might find yourself unloading a big bag of kale when you get home and wondering … “What was I thinking?” She’d have your answer: kale chips.

POSTED Wednesday, May 16

Pinstripes Bistro is already a lively venue for dining and entertainment with features such as bowling and bocce. But the popular Edina restaurant will come to life—in every artistic sense of the word—with local sculptors on June 20 when the Edina Public Art Committee (EPAC) has its fourth annual Reception for Sculpture Artists.

POSTED Wednesday, May 9

Don’t worry, be happy. Late 80s musician Bobby McFerrin’s voice may have been echoing through the ears of Edina City Council members last week when they unanimously changed their city’s policy of prohibiting happy hour discounts on alcohol. Whatever prompted the council to make Edina Minnesota’s last city to allow liquor discounts, such conformity will be welcomed by many.

POSTED Friday, April 27

As a self-admitted “non-crafty” type, I have respect, admiration and, yes, a touch of envy towards those who are always looking for their next project. The idea of Pinterest, the new social-media website where the crafty types can gather to share ideas, intrigues me. That’s why a place like Mish Mash Studio, located next to Snuffy’s Malt Shop on Valley View Road, is my kind of store.

POSTED Wednesday, April 25

I always have admired the minds of artists—the way they can see things that us non-artists can’t. After speaking with Dana Douglas, Bill Wiard and Annie Schilling, I admire artists all the more.

POSTED Friday, April 13

The words style and cancer are difficult to place in the same sentence, let alone a headline. There’s nothing glamorous, vein or trendy about breast cancer. Those who have been touched by the disease—whether it’s through a family member, friend or a first-hand encounter—know that all too well.

POSTED Thursday, April 12

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