Minnesota Nice in Business

Edina graduates design Minnesota-inspired line.

As a recent college graduate, I find myself more amazed with the work my generation is accomplishing. Each day, I discover new businesses and volunteer initiatives that make me proud to be in my early 20's.

2009 Edina High School graduates David Burke and Spencer Barrett accomplished both. Although the Great Lakes Collection has fantastic pieces and truly represents Minnesota, there are two aspects of Burke and Barrett's efforts that I find the most inspiring. They started their collaboration during their sophomore year in college and took on the business full time when they graduated last spring. I cannot imagine starting up a business on top of tests, homework and extra-curricular activities, but Burke and Barrett succeeded. Additionally, they give back. One percent of each sale goes towards Conservation Minnesota and Alliance for the Great Lakes, two organizations dedicated to preserving lake water quality.

To learn more about Burke and Barrett's inspiration, check out the February issue of Edina Magazine.