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Party Pros Inspire

Parties, it seems, have come a long way. I recall birthday parties of my youth consisting of gloppy sloppy joes, potato chips (off-brand, of course, because we could never afford the much-coveted, Old Dutch), a boxed cake my mom made with yummy chocolate frosting (that invariably had finger marks of one or more of us seven kids because it was just too dang long to wait until the actual cake-cutting time), and pitchers of lukewarm grape Kool-Aid (ice was also a coveted item). Read more about Party Pros Inspire

For the Love of Theater


My son began his foray into theater when he was in the sixth grade – the first one being A Child’s Day in Rome. The production proved to be extremely memorable because my son, who had spent years participating in baseball, hockey, football and soccer and never once revealed any, what I like to call, “fire in the belly” for a single one of them, showed some preternatural acting chops when he wound up “feeding the lines” to his rather shell-shocked co-lead. Read more about For the Love of Theater

Rotary Club of Edina's Scholarship Goes Full Circle

In a lovely twist of fate, Wooj Byun recently bumped into the people who were responsible for giving him a $23,800 Ambassadorial Scholarship two decades ago…he bumped into them at a Rotary event, as Rotary Club of Edina president! They had dinner. They reminisced. They talked about the path that had altered the course of young Wooj’s life. And, all grown up, Wooj thanked them for a scholarship that led him on a journey from Pusan, South Korea to study law at the University of Minnesota. Read more about Rotary Club of Edina's Scholarship Goes Full Circle

Edina Federated Women’s Club has Power in Numbers

When I first met with Susan Smith of Edina Federated Women’s Club, I was armed with a little background information on the group, and with a bit of information on what they had accomplished since that rather plucky gal, Jane Cunningham Croly, gathered a group of women together back in 1890. But after I spent an hour with Smith at a local coffee shop, I was impressed…and inspired.

Boy, I thought to myself, these women really prove the old adage that there is power in numbers. And they show just how powerful and productive women really are. Read more about Edina Federated Women’s Club has Power in Numbers


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