California Closets Can Help Create More Functional Space

California Closets helps design more than just closets to create custom organization spaces to fit you. “We really want to see what [customers’] needs are,” says Brandy Ward, CEO of California Closets’ Minnesota franchise.

Did you know California Closets also designs cabinets, pantries, media centers and offices? They start by sending a designer to the home to see what a customer needs. This visit may include measuring dress lengths and how wide shoes are, as well as seeing what a customer’s daily routine looks like. “We focus mainly on function,” Ward says.

Designs are created on a computer. Then it takes about two to four weeks to manufacture all the materials. Those materials are assembled in a one- to two-day home visit to complete your new space. “That’s where we’re different from a contractor,” Ward says.

To set up a design visit, call, email, check the website or stop by the Southdale Center location.