Choral Ensemble LeagueAires Continues Its Mission to Help and Heal

Every Monday from 9:30 a.m. to noon the women of the LeagueAires choir ensemble gather for rehearsal at Colonial Church of Edina, until the second week of January, when it is time to take their show on the road throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. Jane Ramsland, the longest-serving LeagueAires member at 42 years, was just a young mom when she joined LeagueAires. Although Ramsland credits the ensemble for expanding her horizons and creating countless friendships over the years, it is obvious the LeagueAires’ influence extends well beyond its members. “Our mission,” says chair Patty Murphy, “is to bring the joy and healing power of music to older adults and those with special needs.” The group has learned about different topics related to aging and music therapy; from normal aging to dementia to the effectiveness of music as a tool for wellness through a 10-year partnership with MacPhail Center for Music.

LeagueAires is creating a new model of membership called a flex plan where women can choose to sing either in the morning or in the afternoon instead of a full day. In offering a more flexible membership, LeagueAires hopes to attract more members and younger volunteers who otherwise would be unable to participate.

LeagueAires will be performing May 10 at 7 p.m. at Colonial Church of Edina, 6200 Colonial Way. Learn more at the website here.