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Therapy Suites

We are a coworking space for mental health professionals with private offices for you to see clients, flexible space to collaborate in care, and a great environment for your private practice to thrive. Conveniently located in Edina, MN, we have nine beautifully furnished HIPAA compliant offices with two additional rooms dedicated to virtual appointments. We offer seven different plans to meet your needs: from a true virtual office where we collect your mail and provide a physical location for billing, to a full service space, with up to eighty hours of in-office use per month. Our modern office space includes: conference rooms, a play therapy room, EMDR tools, psychological testing kits (for those qualified), receptionist to greet clients, an onsite gym, and plenty of parking. We look forward to meeting you!

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7201 Metro Blvd, Suite 550
Therapy Suites


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