It seems as if everyone is striving to make advancements in technology and launch the latest and greatest new gadget. However, there’s one area of life that just hasn’t seemed to make the same leaps and bounds as the rest of the world: the outdoors.

When Edina mom Anna Sabiston was pregnant, she discovered it was difficult to find maternity clothes that met the dress code at most private golf courses.

Visit the Roe Wolfe pop-up in the Galleria right across from Crave. “We are a contemporary women’s boutique,” says owner Ashley Kilcher.

Most women will offer a compliment whenever we see a friend sporting a terrific new outfit. Great fashion makes people feel good whether they’re wearing it or simply admiring it.

Don’t let back-to-school shopping be a burden. We’ve enlisted the expertise of three Edina moms to help you navigate the racks in search of on-trend and mom-approved kids’ fashion.

Sleek, sophisticated and endlessly cool, monochrome fashion steals the spotlight. These glamorous black and white looks from Edina boutiques are the secret to effortless evening style.

Everyone could use someone like Ethelind Belle in their corner. Or, more specifically, in their closet. Someone who can hand you items of clothing and say, “Here, try this. But this time, tuck it in like this. Add this scarf. And off you go!”

New grandparents, godparents and your friends without kids are unlikely to be in the know when it comes to the latest baby and toddler gifts.

Style and beauty experts seem to be everywhere. From glossy fashion magazines to gossipy red carpets, from runways to fashion weeks, everyone has an opinion. While information gleaned from those sources can be entertaining, how does it translate to the Edina woman?

After many women have children, the ability to find on-trend clothes that reflect their new lifestyle can slip off the hanger. Priorities change. Time dwindles. Bodies evolve.