From Clutter to Organized

Edina resident Lindsay Sokolowski puts new spin on organizing shoes.

With more shoes than space, attorney Lindsay Sokolowski needed to find a way to organize her large shoe collection into her small living space. In 2007, after trying and failing with clothespins and wires, Sokolowski came up with the Boot Hanger. “It was an invention out of necessity,” says Sokolowski, president and CEO of Boottique Inc.A few photos and several requests from friends and family later, Sokolowski decided to patent it and create a website. From there, Boottique Inc. was launched. Orders began to pick up after the venture received media exposure.“It went from a simple invention in my own closet to a product being sold worldwide,” says Sokolowski.Boottique has since expanded its product line to include other closet organizers, as well as shoe care products and fashion accessories. The next step, according to Sokolowski, is retail. She hopes to approach Edina boutiques and pitch her products.Attorney, mother and entrepreneur, Sokolowski says she loves the creative aspect of building new products and being able to mentor young women in business.“I had an idea and actually did something about it,” Sokolowski says. “It’s gratifying to see the success of something I invented.”