Covid Confessions

by | Apr 2021

Alec Fischer

Photo: Alec Fischer

Local filmmaker creates a docuseries as a historical record.

Edina High School graduate Alec Fischer is an award-winning filmmaker, TEDx speaker, LGBTQ+ advocate and digital influencer. His recent project is a docuseries titled Covid Confessions that showcases raw personal stories from local people in the most hard-hit professions: teachers, nurses, restaurant workers, wedding industry professionals, fitness professionals, small business owners, artists, photographers, therapists, drag performers, college athletes and beauty industry professionals.

His inspiration for the project came from seeing mainstream media coverage of essential worker stories and feeling like they weren’t covering the whole picture. “My intention was to film personal and professional experiences … and compile them in a way that felt intimate and powerful,” Fischer says.

“I would hope that people watching the series are able to connect with someone’s story, or see their own experience during the pandemic reflected in what someone said. Crafting empathy between people who have differences is so important right now in our society and this project has the potential to help folks break down barriers and see each other as fellow human beings who are struggling,” says Fischer who adds, “In 5-10 years, I also think we could look back and use this as a way to reflect on what happened during the pandemic. To help capture small pieces of history during this time is very needed, and I’m honored to help do that as a filmmaker.”

YouTube: Fischr Media


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