Crazy About Cacti

Amy Backman from Spruce helps us dig into this growing trend.

Cactus as decorative houseplant is quite popular again. To learn more about this retro design element, we asked Amy Backman, president and creative director at Spruce, to tell us why people are drawn to these prickly oddball ornamentals. “People who are interested in cacti like something a little different and out of the ordinary. Cacti are very structural, graphic and tactile and make for an interesting conversation piece,” Backman says.
There are many varieties of cacti to choose from. Some favorites you’ll find at Spruce include barrel, bunny ear, old man, Peruvian torch and pencil cactus. One of our favorites is the thimble cactus, which appears as though it is made up of mini lantern-like cacti plants. Most of the cacti available at Spruce are an appropriate size for desks, coffee tables and as a shorter floor piece.
Why try cacti?

  1.  They are relatively easy to care for, but our climate in Minnesota does pose some challenges, especially in the winter. Cacti like a day filled with  sunlight, so homes with ample windows and midday and late-afternoon light are good environments for indoor cacti.
  2.  Because they’re not a plant that we see in nature in Minnesota, people are curious about them and are drawn to their look and unusual characteristics.
  3.  Sometimes people look in Spruce for a houseplant that their pets will not want to play with, and cactus have built a defense mechanism that most pets will not mess with.

If you are interested in purchasing a cactus for your home, call 612.767.1101 or visit the Spruce webiste.

Cacti from Spruce in the 3-inch grower’s pots are $5.95 to $9.95; 6-inch grower’s pots start at $29.95; 8-inich grower’s pots start at $69.95 depending on variety.