Cross-Continent Fusion

Japanese fare meets French cuisine at Nakamori in Edina.
Nakamori offers an extensive selection of specialty rolls as well as tempura and hibachi dishes for lunch and dinner.

The newly opened Nakamori Japanese Bistro adds vibrant culture and flavors to the culinary landscape of 50th and France. Blending traditional Japanese fare with French and American flavors to create dishes like foie gras and sea eel, Nakamori sets itself apart from other Japanese restaurants in the area. According to manager Theresa Lin, restaurant owner Meifang Zheng “wanted to bring something different [to Edina].”

The result is an extensive menu that overwhelms with tempting dishes. Sushi lovers will revel in offerings that range from yellowtail to salmon to eel, while adventurous eaters will relish choices like Chilean sea bass and mussels with onion salsa. Meanwhile, cautious types can appreciate familiar vegetable fried rice and chicken teriyaki. And everyone will want to save room for a cold treat like mango ice cream or crispy deep-fried cheesecake tempura.

When in doubt, try one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Lin suggests hibachi chicken, Nakamori rolls or grilled hamachi with mango.


7101 France Ave. S.; 952.920.9980. Check online for hours, photos and menu options.