Crosstown Camera Club

Novice and accomplished photographers pursue their passion

Looking for a convivial creative outlet? Check out Crosstown Camera Club, initiated in the 1990s by the Edina Art Center.

Sessions begin with a salon-style segment in which members share digital or print images to be evaluated by a professional who provides feedback. The second half of each meeting involves an educational seminar with an experienced photographer.

“We’re open to all skill [levels]. The reason I got involved was I had been a photographer for a long time as an amateur and was looking for some instruction,” says Steve Wietgrefe, club president.

The group has approximately 40 members and meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at Christ Presbyterian Church, from September to June.

“The best part of the club is the chance to meet people—learn from them and go out and go to the rodeo with somebody. Members learn from the best amateur and professional photographers in the Twin Cities,” says Wietgrefe.

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