Decorate with Witt + Bliss

Home goods and furnishings available inside a local hair salon.

Once a summer pop-up shop, Witt + Bliss, located in Bespoke Hair Artisans, has become a 50th and France mainstay. In June 2015, after 15 years in design with her business partner Kelly Perry, Martha Dayton, owner of Witt + Bliss, had the opportunity to start a retail business inside D. Nolo, a women’s clothing retailer in Minneapolis’ North Loop. Perry’s eye for design became a retail asset as she helped select items for Dayton to buy for the store.

The shop’s name comes from Perry and Dayton’s middle names—Kelly Witt and Martha Bliss. Dayton doesn’t really think the name fits the merchandise but says “it was more important that we had ourselves represented.”

The Edina Witt + Bliss location started when Bespoke Hair Artisans owner Lisa Williams asked Dayton to partner with her. An Edina shop opened in Bespoke Hair Artisans in July.

Witt + Bliss sells home accessories, furnishings and gifts. “I feel like we’re different because we’re bringing things in from all around the world,” Dayton says. With a smaller shop, Dayton says that she can be more selective about her merchandise.