DIY Home Maintenance Tips

Prepare your home for the soggy season.
  • Mike Sitek of Handyman Matters Twin Cities reminds his clients that an out-of-commission gutter or downspout can lead to erosion, flooding and even roof leaks. Avoid thousands of dollars in potential damage by attending to your drainage system at least once a year. “Equip yourself with a pair of thick gloves,” says Sitek. “You never know what kind of crud is growing in there.” Then run a hose up to the gutter for a test run.
  • Re-caulking windows seals out moisture and critters, and lowers your AC and heating bills. Seepage overhead? Get in touch with a roofer. Call a professional whenever replacing windows or wood trim.
  • Nothing cleans like a grown-up Super Soaker, also known as a pressure washer. “A powerful tool, if you know how to use it,” Sitek says. Rule No. 1 for operating a pressure washer: “Don’t stand too close.” Sitek recommends power-washing and resurfacing your deck every 3 to 4 years to extend the life of the wood. Walkways, siding and wooden fences can also be treated to a jet cleanse.