Edina’s Anna Braasch Offers Tips for De-cluttering Your Office

Anna Braasch offers tips for de-cluttering your office.
De-cluttering your office can make your workspace look organized and neat.

The new year presents an opportune time to tackle a resolution. Among top resolutions is organizing one’s space. The office in particular presents a challenge for many.
To the rescue comes professional organizer Anna Braasch, of Simplify with Anna, who suggests talking through goals and brainstorming descriptive words for your space before you begin.
Here are Braasch’s five tips for maintaining an organized workspace:

• Designate one area for paper and place it in a box. Once this box is full, commit to going through it.
• Establish a home for each item and spend time at the end of each day putting the items away.
• Have “inspiration boards” and hang these on the wall, rather than cluttering your desk.
• Label everything (cords included).
• Research computer applications that will make small, mundane tasks easier.
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