Edina’s Countryside Park Gets Makeover

City Council approves rubber safety surface, new hockey rink.

Countryside Park is on tap for a makeover. Late last year, the Edina City Council approved the purchase of playground equipment from Minnesota Wisconsin Playground/Gametime to the tune of $173,000. The entire makeover is estimated at just over $1 million and was slated to begin by June. Director of parks and recreation Ann Kattreh told Edina Patch that the committee felt the final playground design truly fit the needs of the neighborhood. “It was very much about the activities being used. The neighbors chose this one particularly for the amount of play value that it provided.” The revitalized play area will include a recycled-rubber safety surface beneath the swings next to the playground, a new 165-foot hockey rink, a dedicated free-skate area, a new warming house, a wetland overlook and boardwalk, an upgraded baseball field and paved trails throughout the park.“The residents of Edina and especially the Countryside neighborhood are going to be very happy with the renovation,” Kattreh says.