Edina Experts Offer Horticulture How-to’s

Seven must-have products and trends to help your garden grow.
Give a gift of living art with low maintenance Live Trends planters that come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Don’t know the difference between a perennial and an annual? Wondering whether you should use organic soil or a synthetic blend? Wait—you at least know we’re talking about gardening, right? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a horticulture newbie, with the help of Bachman’s, we’re bringing you seven must-have products and trends for the spring and summer growing season.

Seed Smarts

From marigolds to snapdragons and every bloom in between, your garden will be anything but secret. Or create a mini farmers’ market in your own backyard with fresh carrots, tomatoes and peppers—all from seed packets. Think about stepping outside into your own garden to pick fresh veggies to accompany a delicious grilled steak. Crack open a beer or uncork some white wine and revel in your gardening accomplishments. $1.29–$3.99

Live Trends

Bachman’s new line of succulent planters called Live Trends make especially unique gifts. These low-maintenance works of art look great in the home or office. Live Trends clay containers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are perfect for desks or tabletops while others can hang in windows. There is even a shadowbox style that can make it look as if you have framed plants hanging on the wall. Some of the smallest versions have magnets. Now you can have decorative plants on everything from file cabinets to refrigerators with these contemporary works of living art. $8.99–$24.99

Harvesting Herbs

Once you come inside from picking your garden vegetables, why not stroll over to a pot by the sink and pluck some fresh cilantro to make homemade summer salsa? Yum. Bachman’s has a huge assortment of herbs to choose from, including lemongrass, sage, parsley and oregano. Plus, these flavorings can transform a dish without adding any extra calories or fat (hello, yellow polka dot bikini!). $3.49

Great Gardening Gloves

“When employees start working at Bachman’s, they get a pair of [Atlas] gloves,” says Bachman’s stock supervisor, Tara Matko. The Atlas nitrile-coated gloves allow gardeners to “feel” what they’re doing without getting their hands too dirty. They’re waterproof, inexpensive and durable. $8


Succulent gardens were huge in 2013 and will continue to be everywhere this spring. Succulents, including sedum and sempervirum, are perfect for those who want a garden but don’t want to spend a lot of time, ‘er, gardening. Succulent garden pots need lots of light, but only need to be watered about once a month. $19.99–$69.99

Miniature Gardening a.k.a. Fairy Gardens

Enjoy the whimsical magic of your very own fairy garden. These mini gardens, or fairy gardens, are a perfect way to get the kiddos involved. Planted in a dish, trough or an old wagon, the focus here is on all things miniature. “Kids dig it,” says Matko. “In a videogame era, for kids to want to garden ... that’s pretty incredible.” Fiddlehead Fairy Garden, prices vary


Matko touts two fertilizer lines. For synthetic gardens, she suggests Bachman’s brand called Mighty Earth. This premium blend of potting soil for indoor and outdoor plants is specifically formulated with peat moss, perlite and loam. $5.99

For organic gardening, Matko suggests Espoma, an all-natural and organic blend of ingredients. $8.99

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